Tips on Providing Basic Facilities to the SimCity


As a mayor, you need to provide basic amenities to the Sim citizens such as education, transport, water, sewage treatments and fire stations. Unless citizens are happy with the various facilities available near their residences, they will not be willing to pay tax. However providing citizens these basic facilities require a lot of money. Earning this money requires a lot of thought and action to play successfully.

Collect tax on all the existing building in the residential areas. This may take a long time, but it will make the Sims happy if they get additional facilities getting ready in their area. They will be willing to pay the tax which will keep the money pouring in for the mayor. This is also the most important way of raising Simoleons.

 The existing houses can be upgraded rather than building new houses. The needs of citizens are the same whether there are a handful of citizens or thousands of them residing in the area. Maximize the existing houses and add a couple of them in the process. By this method, you get to spend less on upgrading rather than spend more on new buildings making more citizens happy and willing to pay more tax to the mayor.

 Citizens require good water facilities, drainage system and good roads. First preference should be given to these basic facilities. After this schools and parks should be given preference. In this way, the needs of citizens should be met by giving first priority to utility needs. Specialization needs can later be provided as money flows in as revenue.

Unless there is import and export of trade, products cannot be produced or sold at mass quantities and bring quick profits even if you know how to hack simcity buildit, you may need some more information. It also requires Trade Depot and Trade Port to help in global trade. This type of trade brings in high profits. Products should be bought when prices plummet and sold in times of scarcity and demand so that profits soar. Cargo ships and trucks help in trade.

 Unless the fire stations, educational institutions, water facilities, power projects and sewage facilities are updated with the best services, you cannot provide good quality services in your region. They cost much but provide quality services in the long run.

Transport facilities should be well provided. Providing good roads, over-bridges, train facilities, water transport and air transport will help to improve trade. It will avoid traffic jams and be more economic in the long run

By using these techniques you can improve the financial position of your city and provide everything to them. You can also visit make use of SimCity BuildIt Guide for more currencies at an unlimited quantity. Running a city requires proper management of resources and proper budgeting of expenses. These facilities can be provided only if the income is well generated and manage properly. Proper management, taking good decision, providing basic facilities are some ways of managing the resources for the welfare of the city and to score points.